GEM Systems

The GEM systems are multifunctional imaging systems that provide unique and salient capabilities for photography, video, reconnaissance, and tactical operations.  The patented design and OEM certified components combine functionality with image intensifier and SWIR technology.  The GEM has multiple configurations that allow a single unit to meet the demands of any situation.

Custom optics and fine focus control give the GEM the highest level of image detail.  The GEM enables the targeting of moving objects while maintaining definition and resolution.  It provides full frame images, even on cameras with full size CMOS chips (36x24mm).  The GEM recognizes IFF Devices, allowing accurate assessment of the situation.

GEM Configurations

Multiple configurations further enhance the capabilities of the GEM.

  • DSLR Photography and Video
  • Spotting Scope
  • Monocular (Standard Functions and Features)
  • Video Camera
  • Video Scope (Video Camera with Scope or Lens)
  • Point & Shoot Camera
  • C-Mount Lens
  • RECCE Camera