Integrated Kits

Integrity Data, Inc. has been providing quality, integrated kits to the DOD for decades. The integrated kit has a distinct advantage over “box moving” or ordering a long list of parts in that the planning center can go through components bit by bit to prepare for:

  • Interoperability
  • Maximum capabilities
  • Field contingencies
  • Disposable components
  • Future equipment planning
  • Camera kit

Planned out, integrated kits can then be slated on IDIQs and BPAs for deployment to a single unit, office, company, battalion, or branch. The end users experience greater productivity and familiarity with their gear because the kits have been deployed to the schoolhouse, their unit, and downrange. Thousands of kits can be identically produced, so training can be synchronized and property book officers know exactly what they are inventorying.

Kit planning starts first and foremost with outlining exactly what tasks the end-user needs to accomplish.  Integrity Data, Inc. will then work with the end users to accomplish these tasks with consideration of weight, portability, and cost.

After the integrated kits have been deployed, Integrity Data, Inc. will be updating the component listing in preparation for the next deployment wave.  We ensure that the components are available, updated with newer technologies, and interoperable with the components in existing kits.

As the integrated kits’ lifecycle comes to an end, we will work with the contracting office to determine which components have greater life spans in order to customize refresher kits that will be combined with this government furnished equipment for redeployment.