OEM Partnerships

Since our inception in 1992, Integrity Data, Inc. has partnered with some of the industry’s largest and most innovative companies. Through these partnerships, Integrity Data is able to continually provide its customers with consistent and dependable state-of-the-art services and products.

Benefits of this partnership:

  • Certified and verifiable authenticity
  • Authorized product modification

  • Manufacturer Direct Training
  • Forward compatibility/Lifecycle planning


The demand for OEM products has led to counterfeit and illegitimate product flooding the US market.

Dangers of gray market products:

  • GPS metadata leaks
  • Battery fires
  • Equipment malfunctions
  • Lack of warranties
  • No access to authorized repair shops


These problems are not normal and can be avoided with genuine OEM products.

Product Modification

IDI works closely with OEM engineers to modify commercial off the shelf (COTS) products for military applications.  Modifications include disabling built in features, replacing internal components, and camouflaging external surfaces.  These procedures adapt aesthetics, capabilities, durability and functionality of the gear to provide war fighters with the personalized equipment.


OEM photographers and engineers can be mobilized to provide hands on training with purchased equipment.  Training can take place on base, at OEM facilities, or at IDI in Colorado Springs.  New equipment training (NET) can be built into a contract as a live classroom experience or a DVD for system deployment.  Mobile Equipment Training (MET) teams travel to teach technicians, photographers, and videographers.

Forward Compatibility/Lifecycle Planning

Our relationship with OEMs gives IDI insight to product timelines that affect military procurement decisions, so contracts can be built to accommodate future product availability.